Why Carubba?

Benefits of working at the leading and fastest growing collision repair business organization in Western, Southern Tier, Schenectady, Amsterdam and Central NY

Associate Testimonials

"I have worked for Carubba Collision for a total of 16 years. I have been able to learn and grow with the company as they did, to be an industry leader. From the time I started as an intern and eventually became a refinishing technician, I have been given the opportunity to succeed alongside with the company. Carubba has given me the proper tools and training to be a successful asset to the company as a whole. I look forward to continuing my career here and am eager to welcome new opportunities within the company that may come my way."

Jeremy Fraser, Wheatfield Painter

"I have been employed with Carubba Collision for over eight years. It is nice working for a company who is an industry leader because I know that we can take pride in our work. We continuously promote from within. As we continue to grow, opportunity is always available which has allowed me to further my career."

Sean Conwell, Wheatfield Manager

"Do you want to be part of a team that is on top of the Collision business? Do you want to continue learning to become better at your job and reach yours goals? Do you want to work for the company that is a household word for collision repair?

That is whats it is like working for Carubba Collision. Never stays the same, always reaching for new levels."

Bruce Galley, Estimator

"I believe Carubba Collision is a Top Company to work with because it is consistently evolving, progressing and moving forward with the latest in Automotive Collision repairs. I have continuing opportunities here to learn and advance. In my six years with Carubba, I have worked at four of our locations gaining knowledge and experiences from each. Along with Company paid training and licensing I've been able to advance to location manager and it doesn't stop there. Every day with the advancement in automotive vehicle systems, insurance company progressions and new ways to "WOW" our guest, we continually are learning and preparing for the future in Collision Repair!"

Jill Collins, Manager

"My 15+ years of working for Carubba Collision has given me the chance to work with a variety of customers, teammates, and processes. Because Carubba Collision is always expanding, my opportunity for growth has been unlimited. The desire of Carubba Collision to maintain its position as the industry leader has allowed me to keep on top of the latest technological and industry trends. Away from work, it is great to experience the community's positive reaction when I tell people I am part of Carubba Collision Team."

Mike Beauchamp, Call Center Supervisor

"I came to Carubba Collision with just one year of working in an insurance call center as background experience on the auto industry. I never had thoughts or dreams about working in the collision industry, but my decision to apply at Carubba Collision ended up being my first step on a very promising career path. In the four years that I have been with the company, I have learned more than I ever thought there would be to know.

I have had some awesome opportunities to travel to different stores, participate in training activities, and help to set up new stores. In doing all of that, I have also had the pleasure of working with and learning from, a whole organization full of people with varying roles and years of experience. That diversity has really played in a role in my development within the company, and as a professional in the industry."

Kelly Lorenz, Guest Services Rep

"Working at Carubba Collision has been a great learning experience. Every vehicle that rolls in may be a different wreck, but the Carubba Collision group stays true to its proven process to ensure returning a quality repaired vehicle to the guest in a timely fashion. I am happy to say I am a part of this process."

Phil Toney, Parts Coordinator

Interested in Starting A Career in Collision Repair Business but Lack Hands-On Experience?

The Carubba Collision Apprentice Development Program is a great start

  1. Integrity
  2. Job Security
  3. State of the art repair facilities, equipment & tooling
  4. Professional development and growth opportunities
  5. Consistent, Competitive Compensation Packages
  6. Advanced Collision Repair System Enabling Optimum Efficiencies and Earning Potential
  7. Strategic, performance driven relationships with the majority of leading insurers
  8. Commitment to I-CAR Training Certification
  9. Apprentice Development Opportunities